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Default Buy/Sell/Trade Clean-up idea

I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets a headache everytime you find something you are interested in and then go back 20 minutes later to find it and have to look through three pages to find it. I think this section is a great part of the board, but the clutter is unreal.

My suggestion:

When a person joins, limit them to one thread in each sport section. You don't need 20 threads to sell twenty cards. Give the member the power to change the title. Or the member could call his/her thread "Thebear29's for sale thread." and have a subtitile option that could be edited by the member. They could request a thread clean-up to a mod, the mod could then delete all of the posts and the seller could relist.

This is a rough idea, but look at the TTM section of the board, it is the easiest section of the forum to read. Members post one thread of their experience and keep adding.

Please post your idea, maybe it's just me and it doesn't need changed.
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