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1991-92 Upper Deck Pat LaFontaine Autograph Sabres - eBay (item 350288685915 end time Jan-28-11 07:26:34 PST)

Mine is just like this one, except I can't find it!
About 30 of us were waiting for the players to come out after the morning skate. We were all by the main exit of the old Met Center. It's the place we waited for every team that came to town. As players were coming out, nobody saw Lafontaine and a couple other players sneaking out the side door nearest to the hotel across the street. Someone in the crowd yelled "There's Lafontaine!" and we all started running his direction. Pat sees us and takes off in a dead sprint to the hotel entrance! I was the first one to catch him at the door before he made it in. He signed for me and maybe two other people then he disappeared into the hotel. That was the most energy I spent into getting a card.
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