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Default 2010 Bowman Mixed (Draft & Sterling) "Twisted 3 Tier" Team Group Break

Had a vote, people would rather have a 4 box case of Sterling than Platinum. So it is now a Draft & Sterling Break

Yeah this is going to make things interesting! Some of the bad teams in Draft will get a lot better with Sterling mixed in and some of the good teams in draft will drop in the ranking because they don't have much to offer in Sterling. So do your homework. You might think your team can go in the middle tier, but it could end up in the first tier.

1 hobby case of 2010 Bowman Draft Baseball (12 hobby boxes) Currently $655/case.
2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Hobby 12 Box Case - $654.99 : Blowout Cards - Sports Cards and Trading Cards Wholesale Online Store
1 4 box hobby case of 2010 Bowman Sterling Baseball(4 hobby boxes) Currently $1135/case

Slot breakdown:
Total of the 2 products: $1790.00
Shipping/DC/Insurance/Packaging/Paypal costs $15.00 x 30 slots = $450.00
***All packages will be shipped USPS PRIORITY!!!
Total cost of break = $2240.00

Total value of slots combined is over the total cost of the break. I plan on having a price drop, but with the rising price of the Sterling product it is hard to tell what it will be. I will adjust all slots at the time I purchase the product so it conforms with the forum rules.

Tier 1 slots at $130 per slot
(Slots 1-10 in the break)
Purchase any of the 10 slots available at a set price per slot. Having a slot in Tier 1 gives you a 1 in 10 chance at the number one pick in the draft and guarantees you a pick in the "Top 10".

Tier 1 slots:
5. hester
7. upsbroker

Tier 2 slots at $85.00 per slot
(Slots 11-20 in this break)
Buying a slot in Tier 2 will guarantee you a draft pick between picks 11-20.

Tier 2 slots!

Tier 3 slots at $45.00 per slot
(Slots 21-29 in this break)
Buying a slot in Tier 3 will guarantee you a draft pick between picks 21-29. Yes, this might be the bottom of the litter, but at a much affordable price if you collect a team in that range.

Tier 3 slots!
21. hester

Rules for this Break:

Pricing of slots: Pricing for Group 1 will be the highest of the 3 groups because it gives you a guaranteed pick in the top 10 of the draft and a 1 in 10 shot at the first pick overall. Group 2 will be the average cost of all draft picks and will give you a guaranteed draft pick in the middle 10 slots. Group 3 will be the lowest priced slots and will guarantee you a pick in the bottom 10 picks of the draft.

Buying slots: You can pick 2 slots per tier during the first 24 hours of availability for this break. 24 hours starts at the time the post is approved by the moderator. After the first 24 hours expires you can purchase as many of the remaining slots as you like. As usual, the first person to post is the first person to get the slots. When all slots are full, this post will eventually be moved to "active" status. That is when payment of slots begin.

Payment of slots: Slots are not to be paid for prior to this thread moving to "Active" status. A list of due amounts will be listed on opening post. At that time I will provide my paypal address for payments to be sent. Draft Lottery: After this thread is moved to active, all payments should be received in a timely manner. At some point following comletion of payments the Draft Lottery will occur for all three seperate groups. Each group will be inserted into the lottery in the order of the slot the chose. The list will be randomized 5 times per Group to determine the final order of the draft.

"THE DRAFT" As per the rules, drafts are supposed to be held on 48 hours notice. I will ask for approval to begin the draft with the first pick immediately after the lottery drawing. Please take your time making pics, but don't over do it. 30 minutes should be sufficient per pick. (Thanks again to the other break group for getting this done in less than a day!)

"USA cards" rule: All Bowman Draft USA cards will be given out as they come, just like I've done in past Bowman Draft breaks. First card goes to the first pick and so on. USA cards from Sterling will be randomed on because not many of them will be seen and they are only available as relics and autos.

Cards you get based on your team: You get every 'single/one person' card of every player that currently is property of the team you drafted in the break. Example: All Ryan Howard cards would go to the owner of the Philadelphia Phillies except for a card that comes out with multiple players on different teams and one of them is Ryan Howard, then the "Multi-Player/Team Card" rule will be in effect.

"Multi-Player/Team Card" rule: Any multi-player/team cards will be randomed between the teams involved on the card at the end of the break. Example: If a card with Ryan Howard/Albert Pujols/Prince Fielder is pulled, then a drawing will be held between the owners of those 3 teams at the end of the break. The team names will be listed in the random and it will be randomized 5 times to determine the winner of that card.

I think I have all the bases covered, if I am missing something please point it out.

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