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Default A-Rod Talk (can't find old thread)

I'm definitely going to draw some hatred, but so be it...I've been a lightning rod before!!!

If you "know" baseball and you don't want A-Rod on your team - you're a freaking idiot!!! Or, you dislike the Yankees or A-Rod personally because of how much he makes (no problem with that - but if you're going to blast him, bring a good argument).

There is NOT ONE BETTER PLAYER in baseball that single-handedly can help a team make the playoffs more than A-Rod - nobody even close. please, Please, PLEASE name that player if you think you know him (or HER, since you're obviously fantasizing!!!)!!!

Anyway, he has "tanked" in the playoffs in recent years - no doubt. But, what if you don't make the playoffs - geez, you could be the Pirates, Rangers, Devil Rays, etc. In ALL 3 other sports, the "hands-down" best player WILL easily get his team in the playoffs (BB - any position, Hockey - any position, and FB - always a QB or RB). In baseball, if you know anything about the sport, the absolute best player in the game during any year "needs help".

Believe me, I saw the year A-Rod won the MVP here in Texas - never seen a better year wasted on a horrible team in my life. The local media - "he didn't help us win" - morons who have probably never played competitive sports of any kind and/or don't understand the fundamentals of baseball. Good recent example - early game this year against Boston and A-Rod hits two home runs (one ties the game and the other puts the Yankees ahead). Yankees ultimately lose - local media notes he hits two "meaningless HRs in a loss". IDIOTS!!!

WHAT IF everybody else on the Yankees don't suck this year (besides Posada) and Yankees get home-field advantage against the soft Angels...and the Sox are away at Cleveland. Circumstances could be different? Not A-Rod's fault the team was horrible for the most part besides him. There was a comment about A-Rod having pitches to hit - he didn't get anything worthwhile - when it was meaningful, that is. That team did NOT hit around him this year, period.

That, and that alone is why I love baseball - you play 162 games a year (GREAT for a nut like me) - yet it comes down to who is hot at the right time. Are the Rockies the best team in the majors? He!! no - probably not even in the top 10 - but after 162 games, they did just enough to make a run. BRILLIANT!!!

As an aside, I DO NOT like the Yankees or Red Sox - I do like A-Rod and Manny Ramirez...and that is it.

Bring on the wrath - in the words of Coach Gundy - "I'm a man, I'm 40 years old (actually 41)".

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