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Default IT says its full can I join this?

It says its full Can I still join please let me know how to do so?

Originally Posted by pat_blowoutcards View Post
Last year was such a HUGE success and we gave away a ton More boxes and cases throughout the year. THIS year will be even better ! Here's the rules:

1) We have set up 3 groups to start. Once they fill up, we will set up additional groups.
2) One entry per household. Multiple entries will not be eligible for giveaways
3) There will be 1 winner each week from all the groups combined. In the event of a tie, the prize will carryover to the next week for everyone to get a shot.
4) There will be a cumulative winner at the end of the season who will receive a FREE CASE OF CARDS !
5)Winners & Giveaways will be announced each week on our message board

GOOD LUCK TO ALL and THANKS for your continued support !

Blowoutcards Inc.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Pro Football Pickem

Private Group: BLOWOUTCARDS1 - FULL!
Group ID#: 22740
Password: blowout

Private Group: BLOWOUTCARDS2 - FULL!
Group ID#: 22742
Password: blowout

Private Group: BLOWOUTCARDS3 - FULL!
Group ID#: 26518
Password: blowout

Private Group: BLOWOUTCARDS4 - FULL!
Group ID#: 26502
Password: blowout

Private Group: BLOWOUTCARDS5 - FULL!
Group ID#: 26513
Password: blowout

Private Group: BLOWOUTCARDS6 - OPEN!
Group ID#: 26523
Password: blowout
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