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Woo-hoo!! Just what I was hoping on a Friday!!! Sorry, but the topics on the board have been way too lame and soft recently.

Thanks - you have both supported my argument:

"In ALL 3 other sports, the "hands-down" best player WILL easily get his team in the playoffs (BB - any position, Hockey - any position, and FB - always a QB or RB). In baseball, if you know anything about the sport, the absolute best player in the game during any year "needs help". "

That is, in baseball, Ernie Banks could not help the Cubs get to the playoffs - Babe Ruth would not help a team in today's MLB scenario make the playoffs without the right supporting cast. We all agree.

What does A-Rod do to NOT help his team win? Hit 50+ homers? Drive in 120+ runs? Play gold-glove defense? Put 31 other 3B on the Yankees this year - do they make the playoffs? No chance.

I'm sorry, I'm just looking for a real argument against him and I've never heard it. I understand the playoff performance - THIS IS NOT ABOUT THAT. I'm looking for the guy to take me to the playoffs. Believe me, I saw first-hand how one player CANNOT carry a team through a playoff series - Juan Gonzalez in the 1998 playoff series against the Yankees. One of the greatest playoff performances I've seen in my life - but, sorry - have a nice flight home.

Go ask 100 NON-BIASED baseball experts if they could start a team right now (i.e., non-Red Sox fans, non-Yankee haters) - good ol' regular baseball fans - who is the one person they would choose to start a team if salary is not an issue - sorry, but it is A-Rod. I play softball with 11 guys and work with 7 other BIG-TIME baseball fans, and 16 out of 18 say A-Rod is that player, hands-down (best hitter in baseball and best SS in MLB, even though he plays 3B). Believe me, my softball buddies would disagree just to have a good argument...

Again, please let me know who the player is you would choose to start your team - assuming $ is not a factor! It's easy to bash A-Rod...everybody does it. Let me know who is the better all-around player!
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