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Originally Posted by canuhandle23 View Post
if the products are this and last years ill take the kings. also to make sure this things fills quickly...after you get 15 teams. you should go in reverse order meaning the last guy to pick a team..ala 15 picks first from the remaining teams and goes in backwards. until you with the clippers picks last. since you picked first and are hosting it. which i have zero problem with.

and we have a chance to fill this thing since alot of people will look and be there goes my chance for kobe, griffin, evans, wall, celtics legends for 35 bucks...if not im afraid the person pickin 12-15 wont see any incentive to join. but maybe if person 15 really has 2 picks back to back. he might join...

but put me down for kings if the products are this years and last....
I am on board with the reverse draft idea. If there are no objections to this, I will incorporate that into the procedure.

I put you down for the Kings since there will be at least one product from this year and last year. However, I did want to mention that we'll need to incorporate older products as well to make it a bit more fair to the other teams (such as one 07-08 product and older). I hope you don't object.
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