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If anyone is interested in by the hit break let me know also:
If there's no interest by tonight/tomorrow I will cancel it
Plates and Patches by the hit( this is not a draft hit break)
60 hits
3 extra spots for base/inserts/parallels- each slot get 5 boxes worth of base/inserts/parallels
63 spots altogether
Price of 15 box case: 1,779.99
1,779.99/63= 28.25
Shipping- 2.50 per spot
Paypal Fees- 1.25
Supplies (Penny sleeves, toploaders)-0.27(2 packs of 100 ct. penny sleeves, 6 packs 108 pt 15 ct thick toploaders, 3 packs 25 ct reg. toploaders)
Bubble Mailers (I buy 2 for 1 in a store near me)-0.51(64 bubble mailers)
Total Price Per Spot/Hit: $32.78
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