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Originally Posted by ddearing View Post
Has anyone else noticed that the site is much much slower in the last two months compared to what it was middle of last year? Is it just my account that's clogged and slowing it down or is everyone having that problem. I used to spend 10-20 hours/week on the site surfing, buying and pricing cards. Now, every other time I log in, it is so slow that I end up gong somewhere else. It does the same thing when I try to accept an offer or counteroffer. It takes a minute or two and then it times out half the time. And I'm doing it early in the morning, so it can't be all the traffic. I probably spend 1-2 hours/week on it now because I get so frustrated. Anyone else?
I've been trying to spend more time buying lately as well, and I often get frustrated and move on to something else. I'm hoping it's because of all the new buyer and seller accounts creating a large increase in traffic. Perhaps more or bigger/better servers will help?

Hopefully it gets fixed soon...while I'm still in the buying mood.
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