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Originally Posted by Bruvydsb View Post
One adjustment that might help would be to change it to a 3 tiered team draft. Maybe slots 1-10 are ~$150, 11-20 are ~$100 and 21-30 are ~$50. I think a 1 in 10 shot at the Yankees is worth ~$150 and I'm sure people would take a $50 shot at these products. The tough spot to fill may be the middle tier. Just a thought.
Thanks for your input. I think that could definitely work...I participated in an 18-box break of this where they weren't tiered and I think I was hoping this could catch enough steam and maybe the tiers would help.

I'm going to request to close this for now though and maybe try kicking it up again later. There's a lot of football product coming live now and some of the later 2010 baseball stuff is heating up, so this might be tougher to fill right now. I'd also have to start over anyway since I'm not sure who'd want to tier and what tier they'd want.

Either way though - thanks for your help!
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