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Clearly stated in the OP. The price of a 4 box case of Sterling has risen $200 since it's release. Just covering any further increases in the price. Either way, when the break is full the price will be adjusted to the "real" price at time of purchase

Slot breakdown:
Total of the 2 products: $1790.00
Shipping/DC/Insurance/Packaging/Paypal costs $15.00 x 30 slots = $450.00
***All packages will be shipped USPS PRIORITY!!!
Total cost of break = $2240.00

Total value of slots combined is over the total cost of the break. I plan on having a price drop, but with the rising price of the Sterling product it is hard to tell what it will be. I will adjust all slots at the time I purchase the product so it conforms with the forum rules.
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