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That set is different than most 05-06 sets. Most everything 05-06 is pretty easy to read. The high-end stuff is going to continue to increase. The low-end stuff is going to increase, but the ceiling is not as high.

That product, though, is very unpopular with collectors. The majority of the rookies from the actual Rookie Update base set are dual jerseys, and they share their card with veteran NHL players. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's not, but most of the time it's just crap.

The top names are autographs, and they share their cards with veterans, but the biggest name RCs are extremely short printed. So while the Crosby goes for a lot, they are insanely difficult to pull.

The updated RCs from the other sets are nice, but they feature pikers. If one of them hits, and that's their only RC, then you could be looking at a very hot product. But without looking closely at the checklist, I can say for certain that most of the guys I have seen in that set are not going to hit.
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