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Originally Posted by alazarevich View Post
How can I stop a COMC member from sending me offers and counter offers. This dude is just non stop. What he's resorted to now is sending an offer at half my ask, then I counter with my ask price, which should obviously mean I'm not lower it, but then he counters with a $0.10 raise in his offer. I'm sick of clicking over and over and over. This guy is obviously trying to annoy me into submission. This is nuts! Why is this allowed?

I see for $15/month I can set a min offer. Is that the only way to solve this problem? Pay COMC $15/month? I don't sell enough on COMC to pay them an extra $15/month.
Raise your price of that card so that a 50% offer would be what you're willing to accept. This way he'll either buy it or stop making offers on it.
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