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Originally Posted by mcsd121 View Post
I think someone posted their break of 08 Authentic blisters and it wasn't pretty. I'm having the same dillema, I want in on the promo but I have a hard time spending 2-3 hundred dollars on something I won't be happy with and not have a chance of pulling any nice auto's. At least the other promo's got me some real nice cards. 5,000 is very tempting though and eventually I'll probably break down and get one of the cheaper promo's. Gotta be in it to win it.
IMO, if you're not happy w/the product, don't buy it. I personally love busting 08 Donruss Sports Legends, so buying a case of that for a nice price and getting entered in the sweepstakes is just a bonus.

Anyone want to go dutch on the winnings?..$50 gift card for everyone and group break the other winnings FTW! J/K
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