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Originally Posted by shindig_747 View Post
If you check the Arericana sports legends cheklists, there is some nice autos possible, even cuts. Alo some nice jersey, just a mixture of all sports thought and the famous jockey autos! lol
Originally Posted by Chaddie84 View Post
IMO, if you're not happy w/the product, don't buy it. I personally love busting 08 Donruss Sports Legends, so buying a case of that for a nice price and getting entered in the sweepstakes is just a bonus.

Anyone want to go dutch on the winnings?..$50 gift card for everyone and group break the other winnings FTW! J/K
Thanks, this seems like the way to go as far as getting your money's worth. I just started collecting again so I had no idea of what this product had. Looks like at least 1 auto per box which is much better than the other promo's. I think I'll grab one of these promo's next week.
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