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we should all be like "sportscardgal" and price at high beckett and not take any offers, then turn around and lowball everyone on their cards

you will learn soon who the lowballers are and who the lowballer-flippers are, sometimes even their names give it away. You have to be willing to understand that what you sell will end up back on the site for a flip, obviously this doesn't always happen but it can if you price low or accept a low offer. Just know it will probably be back up for sale at a higher price than you had it at. Now it may never sell at that new price but to each his or her own. With the huge influx of new buyers and sellers there you just don't know anymore what anyone's intentions are. I used to get offended when I let something go for less than I really wanted to, but thought I would never sell it otherwise only to see it being flipped, now I don't blink if I see it back up there. Recently I've been moving some older stuff at a lower price than what I purchased it for either on there or on ebay or somewhere else. Sometime's you have to bite the bullet.
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