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Originally Posted by fiskaaron View Post
100% agree with Chaddie on this. I bought in one year with retail and regretted it. I was lucky this year that BO had products available for the SB Promos that I collect (2008 football, and 2008 EEE baseball)
Purchasing a slot in promo #3 is like buying an expensive lottery ticket or a regular super bowl square. Your taking a gamble at the prize. One slot equals a 1 in 100 chance of winning 5000 dollars. Better odds than any lottery I know of. Had you won one of the prizes I'm sure you wouldn't have regretted your retail purchase. I'm sure there will be 96 people that regret their purchase in promo #3 and 4 people that are thankfull they did make a purchase. I purchased quite a few slots in promo 2 and 1 slot in promo 4. I'd like to see some numbers soon to see if I have a decent shot or not and this will determine how many slot I buy in this promo. I'm curious how long is the 5000 gift card good for? Is it a use it once thing or can you spend it over a year or two as products come out that you want. Like I said before I just started collecting again and the last few weeks I've done really well with my hobby boxes and I'm getting addicted to buying them. Luckily I only collect Football and Baseball cause I'd be broke if I was buying Hockey and Basketball as well. It's cool that Blowout cards does these promotions, definately an incentive to buy from them. After the super bowl I will probably take a small break from buying cards to replenish my funds and to concentrate on my other expensive hobby, my 98 Mustang Cobra.
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