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Originally Posted by alazarevich View Post
Additionally, I'm a COMC moron, I think. I listed a bunch of new cards from 10-11 Donruss NBA at what I thought were good prices (low book value), and many of the star cards got snatched up right away and immediately re-listed for double what I was asking.
Alex - take the sales now. I am about to send in multiple cases worth of Donruss BK hits in the next week or so, including about a dozen Kobe jerseys, but right now, I think you have most of the supply on there from your cases. Sell now while you control the market.

BTW - anyone want any Donruss BK base sets?
If you have to explain why it's a 1/1, then it's NOT a 1/1.

Looking for Andre Dawson Serial numbered cards that are his jersey number - either #8 or #10. So looking for cards like 8/8 or 08/99 or 10/250.
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