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What would your jersey number be? and why? 24. It was my number growing after my childhood favorite, Griffey Jr.
What sport/position would you play? Since we are talking about things that will never happen, I guess I would be fast. lol So CF.
What would your nickname be? B
What would you do after your athletic career is over? Commentating or analyst.Would you be faithful to the team that drafted you, or would you want to play for the team that you root for now? That would depend on whether the team valued profit or a combination of profit/winning. I would never stay with a team like Pittsburgh, who routinely makes every effort to maximize profit and could care less about winning. Although it'd be weird playing for any team other than Detroit, since I have the "D" on my arm. lol
and lastly...
You just won the championship game. What are you going to do now? Go on vacation with the family.
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