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Default "The Super Bowl" of Group Breaks

I've always wanted to do a massive, multiple-case break of higher-end (i.e. "few base cards") product. I think this will work best as a team break, but I could figure out a hit break if there was enough interest. This will be pricey, but could pay off well if you're lucky. I've tried to spread it out so we can break products from a few different years. I would be able to break this all on a Saturday or Sunday morning/early-afternoon.

1) The slot holder for each team will get all of the cards for that team. The player's team will be determined by whichever team's uniform the player is pictured in on the card. If the player is not pictured in a uniform, and no team name is mentioned on the card, the card will go to whatever team the player last played for. Cards featuring multiple players from different teams will be randomed between the slot holders for those teams. Any Houston Oilers cards will go to the Tennessee Titans slot holder. If a card is pulled of a historical player from a team that is no longer in existence (i.e. the Canton Bulldogs) will be randomed between all of the slot holders. If a card is pulled of somebody who never played professional football, that card will be randomed between all of the participants.

2)The teams will be randomed after the slots are filled and 100% paid.

3) Every card (including base and parallels) will be mailed out. Please be aware that there may be teams that do not receive any cards. While this is unlikely, it is a possibility. To protect myself from charge backs/paypal disputes, any teams not receiving any cards will be mailed a random insert or game-used card from my big pile of crap cards collecting dust.

Note: The prices for the cases below are the "regular" price (non-weekend or mid-week special prices)

EDIT 3/3/11 - The majority has spoken, and we are adjusting the break to make it more accessible to the majority of the members here. I have eliminated some of the "less desirable" products and we will keep the following:

1 case 2006 National Treasures $1289.99
1 case 2008 National Treasures $1390.99
1 case (24 boxes)* 2007 Leaf Limited $1749.99
1 case 2009 Exquisite $999.00

~$5430/32 = $169.69 + $10 for shipping/fees/insurance if needed/supplies = $180/slot, $177/ additional slot

We will go with whatever the majority prefers.

1. MrOpinion
2. kennyhasty
3. Hail24
5. achilles01987
6. jlcherry2477
7. nabzy28
8. nabzy28
9. Oncelost77
10. Monsters
11. dareshan
12. itsjustcardboar
13. itsjustcardboar
15. TMan
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