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23 of the 67 autos I have including doubles are SP (roughly 1/3)

There are 5875 total SP ... maybe 18000 total sets.... 900 cases ????

Otherwise there are 5875 SP and 28 autos at 500+ copies.... ~20000-21000 sets........ 1000-1050 cases

Mariani and Ivory are all over eBay at 15-40, with Webb at 12-20 now.

I bought for the bulk rookies, and for one am glad to know there are likely less than 25000 of each rookie (unsigned). This doesn't compare to the UD Final Edition (must have been 10x or more as many of those) but does make for a nice "little" Bradford, Suh, Tebow, etc... that isn't totally short, but not as easy as any of the other base products.

In the mean time, I also hope to see that a LOT of these show on eBay that people were holding. I'll be buying a few for PC and selling a few that I simply don't want.

If you have an SP /25 you're selling (even on ebay) let me know I'm interested.


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