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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
It's what they have done for the past few years so I would think they would do it again

Like Dacubs is saying I don't think it's going to matter with the SP list now out for Rated Rookies this is the way to go for this promo without a doubt and will prob fill within a few days
I almost went with the RR sets but decided to go with the cheapest buy in (2010 UD Baseball blasters). I actually bought 3 slots with that product. I figure I can try to sell the blasters on ebay or I can send the 60 jersey cards in to Blowouts GU-Trade In Program for store credit (but most likely I just gambled away $600).
Have any 2007 SPA David Ortiz letter R, I, and Z autos? If so PLMK!
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