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Originally Posted by mcsd121 View Post
As much as I didn't want to spend 300 plus I went with the RR simply because I'm guarenteed 20 rookie auto's and possibly a Bradford or Tebow auto that would cover 1/2 the purchase. I know it's wishfull thinking but they have to be in there somewhere so why not my case lol. Couldn't justify 200 for the UD series 1 with almost 0% chance of pulling a card over $5.00 but I see the logic in having more chances at that $5000 gift card.
A Posey RC out of that product is more than a $5 card .

A 1/100 shot at $5K should be a $50 buy-in value...figure the other prizes and it's more like $75 in lotto tickets...hardly enough justification to go in on a product you will almost certainly be behind on by more than that.

If you want a "cheaper" buy-in, I guess RR is the way to go, but I still feel the best bang-for-buck product on the list is Sports Legends, albeit at a higher price point. Just my $0.02.
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