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If you cant afford a whole slot (like me lol) and are interested in splitting a Donruss RR promo 4 ways please post. We will each get 5 boxes and 25% of promo slot. Price will be $90, (330/4= 82.50 + 7.50 to ship 5 boxes). Shipping will probably cost me more but thats ok, I want a slot and a chance at the 5K. Great shot at some rookie autos to. Immediate payment required to get it ordered and on the grid.

1)nick9819 (paid)
2)mikeman7322 (paid)
3)The700Level (paid)

Thanks everyone including the reserve list. We are full and paid and case is ordered. Let the Grid God smile upon us!!!!!

Mods, was not sure if I should post here or break thread. Not really a break so I thought this was ok. Please move if not and thanks.

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