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What would your jersey number be? and why?
To be honest, I'm not sure. I have 3 numbers I like a lot, #8 for Cal Ripken, Jr., #24 for Champ Bailey and the numbers reversed would be 42 which would be Jackie Robinson's number, and #31 which was the number my brother wore in High School, and the person I look up to most
What sport/position would you play?
Baseball and probably 2B
What would your nickname be?
What would you do after your athletic career is over?
I'd want to be a coach/manager
Would you be faithful to the team that drafted you, or would you want to play for the team that you root for now?
It might be tough to play against my favorite team, but if the team that drafted me treated me well, I'd be loyal with them. As well, I'd want to win, and if they weren't interested in that, why stay?
and lastly...
You just won the championship game. What are you going to do now?
Go on a vacation with my family
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