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I like the fact that people have 4 chances to win something. But it's pretty obvious some people have no chance of winning the early prizes with their numbers. 1, 2, 5, 8 are all bad numbers for 1st quarter. 2nd quarter starts to open up...but I wouldn't count on getting the box of 2010 Topps Football.

I have 9-1. I'll need some weird stuff to happen for me to win the 1st quarter.

GB ( 3 FGs or 1TD and a Safety)
Pitts (3 FGs and a Safety OR 3 touchdowns.

Packers 9 / Steelers 11
Packers 9 / Steelers 21
Packers 19 / Steelers 21
Packers 29 / Steelers 21

Yeah, things aren't looking that great for me. Here's hoping for a weird game!
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