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Default If this isn't shilling I don't know what is

So I find a 1941 Joe Dimaggio play ball from someone who listed it not very well. There are already a couple of bids, by two people with 0 feedback, with 100% of their bids on this auction. I send a message to the seller, trying to work a side deal, hoping the seller knows nothing about cards like was said in the description. BTW, this seller has 1 feedback, as a buyer. I bid this excellent condition Joe Dimaggio 1941 up to $500, when I finally have the lead. Later on this night, I received a message from the seller saying that it wouldn't be fair to the other people bidding, now would it? A minute or two later, I've been outbid. Now I'm no expert, but when everyone involved has a total sum of 1 feedback and an auction is listed incorrectly, something a new buyer wouldn't be looking for, how can you say this isn't shilling? And how about the fact that all these buyer's bids are for the same item? I mean, this seller could try and be a little less obvious.
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