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Originally Posted by Andrew Jones View Post
So you would agree that this isn't really that much different than redemptions. Judging by your response, you seem to believe this is worse because the deadline for redemptions is longer than this deadline. That may be true. However, the flip side is that with the box top program at least all of those cards end up going to collectors, right? IMO, that would seem preferable to UD doing whatever they want with the unredeemed cards (i.e. backdooring them).
As I understand how their past redemption programs worked, you pulled a redemption card and could enter it online to see exactly what card you were supposed to get. In other cases, the redemption card itself told you exactly what you were to get. As you already mentioned, redemption cards take a lot longer to expire, (years instead of months in many cases). And let's not forget that for every redemption card you pulled, you were "supposed" to get a card. This new program is completely different than all of these points above. You are guaranteed nothing with this new redemption program. Upper deck isn't going to fool me.

Since this box top/wrapper redemption program expires in just 2 months, why not release this product two months from now with ALL the cards in the product? After all, this is a multi-sport product. I see no downfall to waiting 8 or 9 more weeks to release it.

Upper deck is trying to copy other companies with this multi-sport concept like they have done before, and they are doing a poor job of it. They are also now copying box top/wrapper redemption programs. Time will tell if they do a poor job of this as well.
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