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Originally Posted by Chaddie84 View Post
Not sure. You probably wouldn't have much luck moving the base or insert sets as the product has been out for a few years, and you can pick up a series 1/2 factory case for around $20. The rookies in series 1 are pretty weak. Are there redemptions? If so, are they expired?

Jumbos are 1 Auto, 1 Relic. Maybe a little value in the golds. Probably won't be a pretty case unless you hit a longshot at a cut or a Mantle Relic.

I'd call it a low-risk, low-reward product. Would be fun to bust if you like sorting and all that. For me, the base would just get stuffed into a 3200 ct. box and dumped at the LCS .
Isn't 2008 Series 1 the one with the Obama autos and patches or whatever?


EDIT2: The Campaign Letter Patches(#ed to 50) are in Series 2.

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