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Default 2007 Bowman Sterling Profit Sharing Break???

Just a thought, I see everyone interested in the profit sharing group break idea with Razor Poker, and I think this is an awesome way to do any of the higher end products as well. If we could get a quantity discount on Bowman Sterling, sell shares, and then have one person break, list and ship everything I think it would be awesome. With everyone combining our efforts there will be a big possibility of a HUGE pull.

This works great for a lot of things in the future since we all trust eachother, and could really open upon the potential for pulling some excellent stuff. I think Bowman Sterling would be a great candidate for this type of break. I'd like the input of some of the veteran breakers though, as I'd definitely be in for some shares, but wouldn't want to run the break myself. Anyways, just a thought.
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