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[QUOTE=Jolietracing;1088907]I'm hoping for Kurt Busch to win it. Dale Earnhardt Jr was scheduled to win, but with him starting in the back it might mess up NASCAR's plan a little.[/QUOTE

Originally Posted by bziddy View Post

Jr really needs to hang it up. guys really are pathetic arent you. Jr needs to hang it up? really??either your just a casual fan or you dont pay attention to the whole season my friend. Jr was actually on track to make the Chase last year until Montoya clipped him in the Bricyard 400 and it was downhill from there.

Then the fact that he lost the pole this race and started dead last..shot up to top 10 all day, had a tire go soft in 4th place with under 5 laps to go...restarts in 18th and shoots to the top 10 again only to get clipped and finish 24th..

yeah he needs to hang it up alright..

all in all it was a rather boring race after the pile up ealry on thanks to Waltrip that took out 17 cars...then it got hot at the end

Congrats to the rookie and you could hear the excitement/disbelief in his voice..very nice young guy as well to build the sport aorund for the future if you heard his radio talk
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