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My reasons are different...

I personally closed my account with ebay and had overpaid my fees by quite a bit because I didn't care to do business with them anymore. My account is closed and has been for years. They wont refund "MY" money and always respond with a general email or letter that they can use them towards future selling fees. Thats not a business that cares anymore. They dont anymore. Ten years ago, EBAY to me was the best thing that ever happened. It wasnt so much a customer that swayed me, or the fees, it was the lack of SERVICE by PAYPAL OR EBAY. They don't care.

Paypal can literally hold your money even in the thousands if they want to. And not just a month, they can wait til they want to or until you have to go out and hire a lawyer to get them to stop. If you happen to come into something where you are making money legally the right away and alot at a time, they can hold it, until they think its clear and legit. Yes, and it can take 6 months. They can also place your account on hold, and ruin customers for you and all sorts of stuff. They dont have rules like a bank. They have many of their own rules and can determine what they want at really any time.

And your right, you cant control all people. But you can also hold people accountable if they make a bid that wins an auction. If they don't pay, they are not welcome back. Sorry, but at a live auction, you don't see 10percent of the customers bid items up at an auction, and than at the end of the auction just leave without paying and end up back at an auction two days later bidding on another item they can decide after winning if they want or dont want.

But guess what, that idiot buyer has the right to leave that auction seller negative feedback and say whatever BS he wants and that seller has to accept that.

Also businesses usually have the option of accepting cash, check, money order, credit card, etc... The Ebay World demands only one form is KING... that is PAYPAL. So pretty much they are monopolizing the market by saying you must pay us credit fees too.

One other thing, the USPS wont refund a package if its damaged or lost if the customer doesnt pay for insurance. But ebay has a different set of rules and a customer sometimes doesnt have to pay a dime to ship.
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