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either that or the next exquisite break. these profit sharing breaks are good for the high risk/high reward products like exquisitie/spgu/sportkings/SP Chiography/premiere type products, (signa cuts WOULD have been nice as well)...

...less work for the breaker/seller.. and people do not have to risk as much money to make a few bucks.. everyone could have a piece of the pie and not go broke trying to get that piece... j

ust like the present group breaks... i personally feel that structure is good for those who have an interest in keeping the cards that they end up with... but if the goal is PURELY and STRICTLY profit motivated... then the group buy is definitely the way to go.

hell, might as well get blowout to sponsor the next one..throw it up on youtube, enjoy the discounts without taking as big of a risk than you would have had you done it on your own!
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