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I just noticed something VERY interesting. I went into Paypal to look at my sales reports (I didn't know they existed prior to reading this thread.) Anyway, my sales report summary said that I had $1,400 in sales for January, but when I opened the detailed report I noticed I actually had $4,500 in sales, but Paypal deducted all of my debits (debit card usage, eBay payments, withdrawals by ATM, etc.)

Anyway, it appears that Paypal is calculating deductions for us, and only reporting the net sales after deductions. Could this be a loop hole? If you use your Paypal account to pay bills and off set your monthly sales, will Paypal deduct those and only report your net sales? This doesn't make sense to me as it would be a HUGE loophole, but I can clearly see in my summary detail that Paypal is only counting my net sales right now. Anyone know enough about this to clear the air?
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