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Hey guys,

Wanted to give a few opinions on these breaks in general:

When you reimburse the shareholders, use the refund option to save on fees (as has been suggested by others), and if there is a profit, then send a PayPal payment for the balance (or cut them a check if they don't want to lose 3%)

The person living furthest to the east should do the break because they will get the product soonest/cheapest.

Divvying up duties isn't too tough. The breaker can scan and e-mail files to the lister, who could even be on the West Coast without it delaying the listing of the items.

Getting reimbursed will be tougher than it sounds. There will always be someone that does not want to pay right away. Expect your money to be tied up for up to a month. Of course it should not normally take a month, but prepare for the worst, right?

You *could* send the contents to someone after you have scanned and e-mailed them. After all, you may be the closest to Virginia, but maybe someone else is best at packaging and shipping. Or he has hundreds of bubble mailers in his girlfriend's basement and would love an excuse to use some of them. This does generate an extra expense, though. For most situations, a Flat Rate Priority box is the way to go, though.

Yes, I am hinting that I could be the person that ships the cards. No, I don't really want to do it that badly, but I want there to be options out there for y'all.

If someone is ORGANIZED enough to do this with Bowman Draft, we could put enough together to do 50-count lots if we wanted to.
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