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Wow this megasale could add to the Gross National Product of Kansas. I have to get busy selling some things so I can take advantage.

Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
With Spring just around the corner, and the snow finally starting to melt, I have decided to offer a HUGE sale on my entire COMC inventory!

Starting right now, I will accept all 25% off offers on absolutely any and all items in my COMC inventory until next Sunday evening...AND it only gets better...

IF you can stand to wait, I will accept all 30% offers on any and all cards starting next Monday, March 7th. I will continue increasing the discount I will accept for the next several weeks.

Will I stop at 40% off? How about 50% off? Well to be honest, I don't yet know, so be sure to snag what you like while it's still available and still at a discount.

To be clear, here's my scheduled discounts:

March 1st through March 6th...25% off my asking prices

March 7th through March 13th...30% off my asking prices

March 14th through March 20th...35% off my asking prices

March 21st through March 27th...40% off my asking prices

March 28th through April 3rd..."Maybe" 45% off my asking prices

April 4th through April 10th..."Maybe" 50% off my asking prices

And who knows from there. (Just don't get your hopes up too high).

These offers are not set to automatically be accepted, so I will manually accept offers starting with the highest offer at the time I first see it and go in order of time received.

I have many amazing cards from Arod and Jeter graded rookies to Presidential cut signatures, to all kinds of rare low-numbered and 1/1 cards to just about everything else from all major sports. Here's the link to my COMC account:

mwheeler27's Cards -

Can you imagine getting 25% off, OR MORE, of cards like these:

So step right up, fund your COMC account, get in on some GREAT deals, spread the word, and above all, have lots of fun!

Thank you very much for your interest.

Take care,

Please drop me a PM if you have any of the following for sale: Topps Baseball 1953-1967
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