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Originally Posted by MCAutoGraphs View Post
nice...fillin up quick now - keep it comin people, let's get this break done!! =]
come on, lets get some more people in on this I feel a Babe Ruth cut auto!

Check out this checklist of cut autos and batting tips (aka bat knobs)!

Heroes PaperCuts (1/1)
HP-GA Grover Alexander
HP-HA Hank Aaron
HP-JD Joe DiMaggio
HP-PT Pie Traynor
HP-SK Sandy Koufax
HP-RC Roy Campanella
HP-JR Jackie Robinson
HP-WM Willie Mays
HP-RCL Roberto Clemente
HP-RH Rogers Hornsby
HP-CS Casey Stengel
HP-EM Eddie Mathews
HP-BR Babe Ruth
HP-TC Ty Cobb
HP-DD Don Drysdale
HP-JB James "Cool Papa" Bell

Batting Tips (1/1)
BT-01 Roberto Clemente
BT-02 Wade Boggs
BT-03 Albert Pujols
BT-04 Willie Stargell
BT-05 Kirby Puckett
BT-06 Don Mattingly
BT-07 Nomar Garciappara
BT-08 Manny Ramirez
BT-09 Gary Carter
BT-10 Hideki Matsui
BT-11 Chipper Jones
BT-12 Ichiro Suzuki

Babe ruth cut or roberto clemente bat knob anyone!?!
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