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Oh, Also my live ID has been signed up with my main e-mail address way back when and my ebay and paypal uses another e-mail address (it seemed easier to use a different e-mail to keep track of that suff because of the amount of e-mails my main account gets)
so do i need to start a new live ID so I don't have any mistakes like not getting the cash back because my paypal id is not the same as the e-mail of my live id.
hope someone knows or maybe someone has done it this way with no problems.

Also it states (at least on the ebay side) 1 cash back purchase allowed per session and the sessions are kept for 60 minutes. so does that mean i can do it multiple times in one day as long as the session is logged off and i sign back in (till i hit my 6 limit) or am i reading that wrong.

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