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Just to clarify, beginning this year the NCAA has changed the Tournament Region names to the following:

East Region (no change)
West Region (no change)
Southwest Region (Formerly the 2010 Midwest Region)
Southeast Region (Formerly the 2010 South Region)

Beginning this year, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee will go to a 68 team field. The last four Automatic qualifiers and the last four At-large teams selected will play in the "First Four" (aka Round 1) games.

Here is a breakdown of how many teams were seeded in each respective region:
East Region - 18 Teams
West Region - 16 Teams
Southwest Region - 17 Teams
Southeast Region - 17 Teams

For clarification for those who have drawn seeds with play-in game implications please see below for your teams:

East Region:
#12 Seed play-in game: (UAB: KH-TX 121283) (Clemson: WL-NJ 121321 moved from #17 seed west region)
#16 Seed play-in game: (UTSA: BO-WI 121099) (Ala. State: KH-TX 121424)

West Region:
no play-in game

Southwest Region:
#11 Seed play-in game: (USC: KH-TX 121283) (VCU: MY-CO 121380)

Southeast Region:
#16 Seed play-in game: (UNC Ash: JD-RI 121550) (UALR: SC-WA 121557

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