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Originally Posted by jr24ai3 View Post
I have a couple of questions that I'm sure have been answered at one time, but I really don't want to go thru 42 pages to find my answer.

So if I submit 500 cards at a 4 week level, I pay $100 (500 *.20, plus $3.00 batch fee), plus $5.00/month storage fee (500*.01) if I price everything over .25?

How can stuff be priced at $.25 or less on the site if the minimum fee is $.20 per card to have it listed? $.20 seems like a great deal to have someone scan it. I just don't get how people can price it at $.20-$.25 when they paid $.20 plus costs to ship you the cards.

I appreciate the help.
No problem.

500 Cards will cost you $0.20 per card, plus a $3.00 batch fee ($103 total), plus whatever it costs you to ship in the cards. There are no storage fees for the first three months and no storage fees for any cards priced for $0.25 or less.

The cheapest processing rate hasn't always been $0.20, there used to be a cheaper service for $0.15. Also, Blowout sometimes runs promos which offers processing for cheaper. At times I've been able to have my cards processed for around $0.10 a card which fit a certain promo, but to be honest, while it sounds like a nice deal, all it does is drive selling prices down. Besides this fact, though, there are simply times where people price cards below processing costs just to get rid of them and "outprice" competition.
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