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sorry guys... been busy with work. to answer your questions....the multiplayer cards will be randomed between those who have a team on the card. unless one team owns a majority of the players on the card. a bart starr/paul hornung/kellen winslow triple auto would go to the packers as they hold 2 of the 3 players on the card. however a jim brown/bart starr/dan marino card would be randomed between those three teams owners.

the random will be done live about an hour or so before the break goes down on sunday night. somewhere right around 8:00 eastern time. sometime as sunday evening gets closer i will post the address for the blog room and an exact time to make sure you all can make it in to watch. if for any reason some of yall cant make it to the live random and break, it will all be recorded on blog and posted to youtube to be viewed later. thanks guys, and if you have any other questions...please let me know.
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