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Hi all,

I have adjusted all my cards to where I will accept any offer of 50% off of my asking prices. No questions asked and I will do this for the ENTIRE month of March. Please feel free to PM me if you want to work out something else or if I can do better than what is on there. The prices are probably not updated on the search yet, but they will be there when you click on any of my cards. First come/first serve. I will only reject your offer if someone else has picked up the same cards. I will counter if some of the cards have sold and we need to redo the offer. Lots of great deals to be had. Autos, GU, Rookies, low numbered, etc. There are a good amount that will end up being a loss to me from my listing or purchase price but it is what it is.

azsoxpatriots's Cards -
I'm still accepting all offers of up to 50% off of my asking prices. I even went through and lowered some this weekend to make even better deals available!
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