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Default 2011 Panini Prestige NFL Team Case Break

ok so didnt have much interest in the Press Pass so how bout an actual NFL licensed product.

This will be a case (12 box) break of Panini Prestige Football. Each slot will get you one team. Once break is filled, all names will be randomized by a mod. After randomization, slot holder one will them pick the team he wants, then slot two and so on until all 32 teams have been picked.

I have no problem holding off on the drafting of teams until after the NFL Draft, so everyone can get a better idea of the rookies andwhat teams they are on.

From this break you will receive the following:
-1 team(s) base set
-All Rookie cards for said team(s)
-All parallel and inserts for said team(s)
-All hits for said team(s)

the rest of the base sets will be donated to charity of some sort like childrens hospital etc...unless there are objections and i will alter shipping price and total slots for the extra shipping

Any hits featuring 2/more teams will be randomed by mods (featuring only those team slot holders)


Case Price (880.00)/32 slots (teams)= $27.50
Shipping/Paypal fees/Supplies= +4.50 (keep in mind your getting all rookies etc)

First slot= $32...each additional slot $30

price subject to change depending on price quote from Blowout Cards.

This break will be done live on webcam via BlogTV

Break now full..taking payments at still taking interest in case somone drops out

1.gbrew333 PAID
2.gbrew333 PAID
3.tthomas PAID
4.Canucksfan1812 PAID
5.cincyboy PAID
6. Riversoule PAID
7.oldgoldy97 PAID
8.SethMurphy PAID
9.tthomas PAID
10. Riversoule PAID
11.trubear PAID
12.badsims PAID
13.barnsz PAID
14.trubear PAID
15.trubear PAID
16.Dacubs PAID
17.badsims PAID
18.slicbob PAID
19.gohansmy PAID
20.Indians Collector PAID
21.deco2010 PAID
22.deco2010 PAID
23.rconde PAID
24.Andrew Jones PAID
25.tthomas PAID
26.Axe725 PAID
27.Casebreaker PAID
28.Indians Collector PAID
29.Andrew Jones PAID
30.The700Level PAID
31.oldgoldy97 PAID
32.kennyhasty PAID

There were 32 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

25.tthomas PAID Saints
5.cincyboy PAID Bengals
20.Indians Collector PAID Panthers
3.tthomas PAID Titans
9.tthomas PAID Cardinals
19.oldgoldy97 PAID Vikings
15.trubear PAID Jaguars
21.deco2010 PAID Lions
12.badsims PAID Falcons
28.Indians Collector PAID Colts
16.Dacubs PAID Packers
30.The700Level PAID Patriots
7.SethMurphy PAID Giants
1.gbrew333 PAID Chiefs
13.barnsz PAID Dolphins
2.gbrew333 PAID Eagles
31.oldgoldy97 PAID Rams
29.Andrew Jones PAID 49ers
17.badsims PAID Jets
11.trubear PAID Bears
32.kennyhasty PAID Cowboys
24.Andrew Jones PAID Redskins
6. Riversoule PAID Buccs
23.rconde PAID Broncos
18.slicbob PAID Bills
10. Riversoule PAID Chargers
27.Casebreaker PAID Ravens
8.gohansmy PAID Steelers
26.Axe725 PAID Browns
4.Canucksfan1812 PAID Texans
14.trubear PAID Raiders
22.deco2010 PAID Seahawks
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