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Default Semi-Live break 5 boxes 2010 Sportkings D

Got these with some COMC funds and in for the baseball promo. I tried to record it (during my lunch break in my car ) We shall see if I can get that up anywhere or if my summary below is good enough. No Ali but here is the damage:

1. Sheryl Swoops Silver Auto A-SSW1 $12 /40
Steve Carlton Base
Joe Greene Base
Bret Hart base
Juan Manuel Fangio Mini

2. Joe Sakic Gold Auto A-JS2 $60 /10
Juan Manuel Fangio Base
Joe Foss Base
Duke Snider Base
Earl Anthony Base

3. Renaldo Nehemiah Memorabilia Auto Silver AH-RN2 $30 /40
Eddy Merckx base
Scott Hamilton Base
Floyd Mayweather Jr Base
Mitch Gaylord Mini

4. Tony Gwynn Silver Auto A-TG2 $55 /20
Henry Cotton Base
War Admiral Base
Sheryl Swoops base
Biba Golic Mini

5. Raymond Berry Silver Auto A-RBE2 (card is much thicker than the rest of them) $40 /25
Royce Gracie Base
Dennis Rodman Base
Bob Lilly Base
Bruce Lee Base

3 Minis, 5 autos and a couple of the better base cards. Not too bad I guess. This will probably be one of my last breaks for a while. Getting married in 10 days and need to pay for everything
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