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Originally Posted by kakman View Post
1. Sheryl Swoops Silver Auto A-SSW1 $12 /40 - $5
2. Joe Sakic Gold Auto A-JS2 $60 /10 - $30-$40
3. Renaldo Nehemiah Memorabilia Auto Silver AH-RN2 $30 /40 - $5
4. Tony Gwynn Silver Auto A-TG2 $55 /20 - $20-$30
5. Raymond Berry Silver Auto A-RBE2 (card is much thicker than the rest of them) $40 /25 - $5

Good luck on the marriage, sorry to burst a bubble but I listed more realistic prices unless you want to hold onto them. I wish it was better, because unfortuantely I know based on my bad cases. Still a great product, but you really got some of the worst pulls in the set other than Single Memorabilia

And $10 each for the Box Tops
Peter Jetten (Poker) & David Duval Super Collector
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