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Default Cruiser, we're cool...

I was part of a thread that FCB deleted and it wasn't even out of control in my opinion. It seems Brian Gray has friends over there running the show.

I'm 98% a Blowout guy but I didn't think it was fair for him to offer excuses and a contest to a limited amount of his customers. Many of our guys bought into the sell sheets and news on the Ali Leaf product.

I also mentioned that I should have known better and will not be part of that contest and/or a Leaf customer.

5 of my 6 boxes from Blowout are on eBay. I promised my son he could open one and luckily he doesn't follow the forums.

I may not be the oldest member here but I paid $8. an auto and shook Joe DiMaggio's hand at the Armenian Church in NYC once. I do not use "gift". If you need an extra buck, add it in.
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