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Default 2008/09 Upperdeck Skybox Basketball

2008/09 Upperdeck Skybox Basketball


o Three (3) memorabilia cards per box including at least one (1) dual swatch! (on average)

o One (1) autograph per box! (on average)

o Look for Precious Metal Parallels!

o Find Hobby-exclusive Autographs and Base Set Parallels!

o Each box contains a variety of box-break inserts, including Metal Universe, Metal Universe Rookie, Precious Metal Gems, and Precious Metal Gems Parallels numbered to 50 or less!


Autographed Cards

o Rookie Parallels

o Sig Set Duals (#'d to 50)

o Future Signs (#'d to 10)

o Paraph Signatures

o Fresh Ink

Memorabilia Cards

o Larger Than Life

o Standouts

o Rookie Prevue

o One on One Dual

o Larger Than Life Patch (#'d to 25)

o Standouts Patch (#'d to 25)

o Rookie Prevue Patch (#'d to 10)

Inserts and Parallels

o Base Set Ruby Parallel

o Close Ups Ruby Parallel

o Rookie Cards Ruby Parallel

o Metal Universe

o Metal Universe Rookie

o Precious Metals Gems Green (#'d to 50)

o Precious Metal Gems Green Rookie (#'d to 50)

o Precious Metal Gems Red (#'d to 10)

o Precious Metal Gems Red Rookie (#'d to 10)

Regular Cards, Subsets and Rookies

o Base Set- 170 Cards

o Close Ups- 30 Cards

o Rookie- 30 Cards


Release Date: 2/18/2009


16 Boxes per Case:

12 Packs per Box:

10 Cards per Pack:
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