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Originally Posted by Jim2Cat5 View Post
Most recent Bryant pick up.

As for the Alex Gordon, I originally sent it to PSA for grading, but they rejected it. So I sent it to BGS. I still donít understand why PSA wouldn't grade it. Hereís the correspondence between myself and PSA.

My E-mail Sent to PSA
I recently submitted 51 cards to be graded under Order #XXXXXXXXX. Among the cards to be graded was a 2006 Topps Heritage #255 Alex Gordon Cut Out Error Card. However, this card was not graded due to N9, ďan obscure issue or not fitting in our holders.Ē

I am writing to ask for PSA to reconsider the N9 No Grade. Iím almost positive it wasnít graded due to its obscurity, as zero have been graded by PSA. Although obscure, there are several copies that have surfaced. I think it is important to know that Beckett has graded 11 total copies of this exact card to date.

Iíve attached front and back pictures of the card, and added several links that discuss how the card came to be, its popularity, and of course its rarity.

I look forward to your response.

2006 Topps Heritage #255 Alex Gordon Cut Out References
The Heritage Of Alex Gordon ę Baseball Nerd
2006 Topps Heritage -
#DACWPulls: Alex Gordon Topps Heritage cut-out - Dave & Adam's News
Alex Gordon's two hottest cards should not exist - Beckett News

Recipient Response from Co-Worker
I asked (co-worker name) about this card, and itís too much of a grading issue. We are unable to acknowledge this.

PSA Response to Me
We do apologize for the delayed response. We appreciate your patience. I have confirmed with my spec department regarding the card in question and unfortunately will not be able to acknowledge this card.

Anyways, I was a little frustrated that they wonít grade this card. I wonder if theyíll add it to the 2006 Topps Heritage Master Set that Iím going request? Would they grade it then lol.

Strange indeed!

That KB Though!


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