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Here's a couple more to add from my recent experiences.

First up: luvkobeshaqofnj

He messages me during the auctions to inquire about sending a postal money order. Sure, no problem. Well, he somehow manages to send it to an address I haven't lived at for 2+ years and tries to get me calling the local PO, calling the police, telling me people are trying to steal my mail... generally a whack job. All the while, I keep wondering, how the hell is this my problem? I already went out of my way to accept payment through snail mail instead of PayPal, you messed it up (somehow) and I'm supposed to be tracking down your postal money order? I think not. No one. Not.ONE.PERSON. has had an issue sending me payment via the regular mail, even when I've moved in the past.
So, anyway, if you don't think you want to deal with this, add this one to your blocked list.

Next up: dechrw2

The story... Buys a Tebow contenders on Feb. 16th. Opens an "item not as described' case on freaking MARCH 21ST... Now, I think most people know whether or not the "Item was as described" in less than 33 days. Looks like more of buyer's remorse than mis-represented item to me. My auction states that you do have 3 days to request a refund when you receive an item from me. No problem. I've done it before, I'll do it again. It's just good business. You get your money back (minus shipping) and I still have a card to offer for sale again (that will actually fetch similar sale price.) In this case, he obviously decided that the going rate for a Tebow contenders the days after release wasn't exactly a spectacular investment and now I'm out another $70 because of the difference in selling price. Not only did he open this on MARCH 21st, 33 days after the initial purchase, he took until today to get this thing back to me. So, let's see here... about 45 days from start to finish. Absolutely ridiculous.

Save yourself the trouble and block 'em both...
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