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Bought a box today to run some numbers. Heres what I got: 3 Rookie Updates (/1999), 4 Black Diamond RCs, 1 SP Game Used (/999), 1 SPX (/999), 2 Triologys (/999), and 2 Artifacts (/750). Also pulled one SPX Auto RC (/1999) and one dual GU'd (/999).

Based on these numbers heres what I figured I'd need to do complete sets of the rookies (assuming perfect collation so when reality sets in you'd probably need double this amount):

Rookie Update (59 cards) @ 3:box you'd need 20 boxes
Black Diamonds (84 cards) @ 4:box thats 21 boxes
SPX and SP Game Used (50 Cards) @ 1:box thats 50 boxes
Trioligy and Artifacts (100 cards) @ 2:box thats 50 boxes

Figure 50 boxes min, double that to 100 boxes and your looking at 8.3 cases
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